The Screaming Room

Where screaming is allowed. And even encouraged.

  • Mark LaFlamme

You ever seen a grown man naked?

It's been years since I've had a blog. I don't even know if blogs are still things. Back in the day, I blogged about everything. I think I once blogged about the fact that boxer briefs are incredibly comfortable. Which they are. It's like being hugged down there all day long.

These days, though? I write two columns each week for the newspaper. I write crime news all day long and work on that weird B Section for Sundays. If I have errant thoughts or excess voices in my head, I use Facebook for the spillover. Either that or I just accost people in grocery stores and tell them what's on my mind.

"Hi there," I'll say to the timid woman in the produce department. "What's that you got there? Egg plant? Seems like egg plant ought to be over with dairy. You know. With the rest of the eggs. That's kind of funny, right? So, anyway, I just got a new pair of boxer briefs, and man am I comfortable."

That's usually when the chemical spray comes out.

Long story short? I've got nothing to blog about at the moment, so just quit bugging me about it, what say you?

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