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Angel Currie's bedroom is filled with little girl things. There are fuzzy pink toys on a soft, pink bed,. There's a doll house in the center of the room and a pink snow globe that plays Fur Elise. It is a place that any little girl would love. Even a dead little girl like Angel Currie.
The Pink Room is a place where science meets terror.
Theodore Currie is the world's top physicist. He is widely regarded as the man who might formulate the long-sought Theory of Everything. Except Currie has gone insane with grief. With soft, pink enticements, the science of string theory and the power of the cosmos, Currie aims to bring his beloved daughter back from a place eternally unreachable.
The pink Room is a place where genius meets insanity.
Jonathan Cain is a writer with a story to tell and a dead wife to grieve. He has moved into the abandoned Currie House in the northern Maine woods. Nobody knows what happened to the delirious scientist in the final days of his experiment here. Cain means to find out.
While government agents lurk like scavengers, Cain is finding answers to the world's most profound secrets. Surrounded by a little girl's cherished possessions, Cain has come to believe in science and the magic of the pink room. He has come to believe as he mourns his wife with the kind of fervor that can drive a sane man mad.
The Pink Room is a place where lost loves come home. And you can't send them back.


Bertram Luce did a remarkable job concealing the murder of his wife. His story was unshakable, his alibis sound. No human eyes witnessed the atrocity and Luce went on his way, wealthier and more pompous than ever with the success of his crime.

The deed might have gone unpunished if not for the wrath of the most dominant and diverse army on the planet. Typically silent witnesses to the atrocities of man, the world of plants this time will rise up collectively to see that justice is served. And Bertram Luce will find his pursuers literally everywhere he turns.

When you offend the kingdom of plants, the whole world really is out to get you.

" Mark LaFlamme has come out as one of the best writters of the year! This book will truly take your breath away and the reader will find that justice is a dish best served with greens.." Sally Theriault, Amazon.



Jack Wilding has a gift. The young newspaper reporter can hear the thoughts of his fellow man, random snippets that come to him unbidden. But this blossoming psychic ability brings Jack no joy. Some thoughts, he will find, were not meant to be shared. And along with the voices in his head come the memories – dim recollections of a childhood experience at an old Maine mill. 

Meanwhile, an intelligence group with grim secrets is desperate to contain the damage. Things have gone wrong with experiments in mind control and now a young reporter is asking questions. It's a race for the truth about what really happened inside Worumbo Mill all those years ago. As the voices inside his head turn to screams, Jack Wilding will discover that his own past may be a lie. 

Based on real CIA experiments with mind-control, Worumbo is a nerve-rattling look at a part of our history as dark and dangerous as the old mills that haunt the Maine landscape.

"If you haven't read a LaFlamme book yet you don't know what your missing. Wonderfully flawed characters. Exciting twists. Chilling suspense. Awesome conspiracies. Good guys that are bad. Bad guys that are good. Unexepected endings. His books have it all." – James R. Clifford, Amazon


This box is for you. It's all yours, to do with as you wish. Keep it closed and it stays dark in there, entire worlds trapped in endless night. Keep it closed and its inhabitants are unable to excite you, thrill you, touch you. Maybe it's better that way. It's difficult to judge what is safe and what is a rotted beam ready to give way beneath your foot. Yes. Better to keep the box closed and spare yourself.
One peek might be okay. Just a fast glimpse to see what stirs at the corners of the eyes.
There. Men and women forced to march for their daily bread.
And there. A friendly fisherman who won't stay buried.
Oh, and there. The children are insane. The elderly play games of chance with wicked prizes, and a man is in love with a machine.
A crazy lady frets over pennies on the sidewalk. Cannibals dine together over pitchers of beer. The end of the world doesn't guarantee you a trip out and you could find yourself journeying to the afterlife and back.
This box is unlike any other you have ever held in your hands. It demands restraint. The longer you look, the more you wonder. Who killed JFK? What are they hiding at Area 51? What really happened on 9/11 and where do we go when we die?
It's your box, the choice is yours. Put it down and walk away. Or open it up and explore a world of treachery and terror, greed and gloom, love and lies. From the mind of Mark LaFlamme, this is a box filled with things from which most will hide.
And it's all yours.



Stephen Boone has a problem. If he doesn't stop drinking, he will die. But for this washed-up writer, putting down the bottle is not so simple. Along with the sweats and shakes of alcohol withdrawal, Stephen Boone sees dead people – ghastly images of the future where men, women and children are about to die horribly.
They appear at his sick bed, these victims of disease, misadventure and murder. Old women with twisted necks, infants dying in their cribs, anonymous people swinging at the end of ropes.
Stephen Boone is a man who knows too much. In the delirium of alcohol, a woman and child have come to him, the victims of a fiendish act. Stephen sees them, feels their agony, understands the horrific details of their deaths. And that secret knowledge has made him a suspect in the killings that have rattled this small Maine city. To prove his innocence, Stephen will have to put the booze down for good and face the grisly specters of sobriety.
Where The Sixth Sense meets The Lost Weekend come the horrors of Delirium Tremens. Maine author Mark LaFlamme presents a world where alcoholism is literally hell.


Gov. Frank F. Cotton is a strong contender in the quest for the White House, but now one dirty secret threatens to unravel his ambitions. His son, insane with grief, has removed the corpse of his bride from the cemetery and disappeared.
In the red hot days of the presidential primaries, such a scandal could spell ruin.

Enter Thomas Cashman, a mercenary with a world of secrets of his own. In his mission to find young Calvin Cotton, Thomas will enlist the aid of washed up novelist Billy Baylor to help understand the anguish that would drive a man to such madness.

By the time the search is over, there will be dirt on everybody's hands.

"Mark LaFlamme's novels are unpredictable, disturbing in a fascinating kind of way, and filled with an edge of your seat excitement that keeps you wondering what's around the corner. His novel, Dirt, is all of these things. If you're into politics, this is a must read." Robyn R. Demby, Amazon



In the year 2086, the world is a different place. Cars run high above the ground with the help of electromagnetism. The political boundaries of the world have been reshaped by war. Much of California has been lost to an asteroid strike and life has been discovered elsewhere in the universe.
The world of the future is fantastically different, but the game of baseball remains largely unchanged.

At Fenway Park in Boston, an elderly man shares with his grandson the joy of the game's history. Unfortunately, baseball has been marred by cheaters and scandals. As scientific advances have come faster and faster, so have man's abilities and desires to cheat.

"Asterisk" is the story of Abraham Noble, one of the greatest hitters of all time who nearly brought about the end of the sport. It is the story of baseball icons and of the human frailties that threaten the game.

Find out how complex science like dark matter will affect America's most beloved pastime. Find out how the game will be played and how the Red Sox will fare as knowledge and progress rocket humankind into the future.


Jack Carnegie has developed a head for numbers – a true savant who was just an average teenager a day before.

Jack Deacon builds things, from self-propelled drones to goggles that can see through walls.

Jack Van Slyke awakes with an ability to speak a half dozen languages.Jack Gordon discovers he is a master of the martial arts, just when he needs it most.

All over the country, young men are finding that they have special skills, areas of expertise that appeared out of nowhere. They're confused. Baffled. Maybe even dangerous.

And they're all named Jack.

After experiencing adventures on their own, the Jacks will come together in the deserts of Arizona. There, they will set out on the quest to find out what has happened, becoming a multi-talented task force with not a single clue why.

But answers are coming – chilling revelations about their own minds and about new terrors that imperil the world. Together the Jacks will have to make a decision: drift apart and return to being careless teenagers? Or band together and fight a rising evil that threatens not just the Jacks, but the world.