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About LaFlamme

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Every year LaFlamme spends covering the police beat at the Sun Journal, he swears it will be his last.

He's been working at the Lewiston, Maine newspaper since 1994, covering crime and writing two weekly columns. In 2006, LaFlamme was named Maine's Journalist of the Year. His column "Street Talk" has been named both best in State and best in New England.

LaFlamme had written hundreds of short stories before some well-meaning fool suggested that he consider writing novels. He responded by penning "Worumbo," a novel about a young reporter with a blossoming psychic gift and revelations about CIA experiments with mind control.

His next novel, "The Pink Room," took on string theory and attempts to use that weird science to bring the dead back into the world. That was followed by "Vegetation," the story of a pompous man who offends the plant kingdom and spends the rest of his life trying to get away from the trees, grass, cacti and garden flowers that assail him at every turn.

A theme began to emerge, one that frequently couples strange science with the darkness of the human soul. LaFlamme was hooked on novel-writing and went on to author four more, plus a collection of short stories featuring all varieties of weirdness.

LaFlamme continues to live in Lewiston where he rides a dual sport motorcycle, roams the downtown streets in search of column fodder, and complains ceaselessly about the bitter cruelty of the Maine winter.

He doesn't have any house plants. For obvious reasons.