The Pink Room
The Pink Room

"I haven't been this scared since Pet Sematary."

The Pink Room

"Like Stephen King at his best, LaFlamme doesn't stop at visual terror. He takes us inside the diseased minds of the most psychologically intriguing characters I've ever seen. "

- David Griffiths
Columnist, Twin City Times

Angel Currie’s bedroom is filled with little girl things. There are fuzzy pink toys on a soft, pink bed. There’s a pink beanbag on the floor beneath hanging pink curtains. There’s a dollhouse in the center of the room and a pink snow globe that plays Fur Elise. It is a place that any little girl would love. Even a dead little girl like Angel Currie.

The Pink Room is a place where science meets terror.

Theodore Currie is the world’s top physicist. He is widely regarded as the man who might formulate the long-sought Theory of Everything. Only Currie has gone insane with grief. He has left laboratories and government grants behind him to conduct his greatest experiment of all. With soft, pink enticements, the science of string theory and the power of the cosmos, Currie intends to bring his beloved daughter back from a place eternally unreachable.

The Pink Room is a place where genius meets insanity.

Jonathan Cain is a writer with a story to tell and a dead wife to grieve. He has moved into the abandoned Currie house in the northern Maine woods. Nobody knows what happened to the delirious scientist in the final days of his experiment here. Cain aims to find out.

While government agents lurk like scavengers, Cain is finding answers to the world’s most profound secrets. Above all, he finds them in the Pink Room. There, surrounded by a little girl’s cherished possessions, Cain has come to believe in science and magic. He has come to believe as he mourn his wife with the kind of fervor that can drive a sane man mad.

The Pink Room is a place where lost loves come home.
And you can’t send them back.

An absolutely chilling tale. Your fascination with the science will be rivaled only by fright. And few things are more frightful than terrors draped in pink.