Box of Lies

This box is for you.


"Like Dean Koontz, John Saul and Stephen King combined. Yes, LaFlamme is THAT good!"

Betty Dravis, author of 1106 Grand Boulevard

Men and women forced to march for their daily bread. A friendly fisherman who won't stay buried. The children are insane. The elderly play games of chance with wicked prizes and a man is in love with a machine.

Want more?

A crazy lady frets over pennies on the sidewalk. Cannibals dine together over pitchers of beer. The end of the world doesn't guarantee you a trip out and you could find yourself journeying to the afterlife and back.

This box is unlike any other you have ever held in your hands. It demands restraint. The longer you look, the more you wonder. Who killed JFK? What are they hiding at Area 51? What really happened on 9/11 and where do we go when we die?

It's your box, the choice is yours. Put it down and walk away. Or open it up and explore a world of treachery and terror, greed and gloom, love and lies. From the mind of Mark LaFlamme, this is a box filled with things from which most will hide.

And it's all yours.

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